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Contact Center Platform

The team at M3IoT has close to 6 decades of experience in setting up contact centers of all sizes and purposes across industries, but with a greater share in the telecom domain. 

Customer Interaction Management Suite (CIMS) Platform

An end-to-end contact center platform for any tele-calling process ranging from sales to helpdesk to medical response.

IPPBX (Soft Switch)

India is poised to venture into IP based calling, most of the telcos have already setup their networks, only the last mile connectivity to customer premises is to be done, pending regulatory clearances. PBX vendors, SIs, can take note of this ready to use SoftSwitch (IPPBX).

IP-PBX (SoftSwitch) Platform

This is a software based PBX which can be implemented out of standard off-the-shelf PC or server grade machine, depending on the usage load. The platform integrates with multiple trunks - PRI, GSM, SS7, SIP/H.323, or POTS..

Unified Communications

Global trends in customer interaction is focussed on unified communications. The idea is to integrate all possible communication channels in one single unified channel which will contain all interactions with a given customer. 

Unified Communications

Our contact center platform is capable of omni channel communications, merging these communications into a singular channel and make it available to all concerned stakeholders is the goal of our technology.

Speech Engines (ASR & TTS)

Speech recognition and Text to Speech conversion are sought after technologies and are intrumental in delivering a wow experience to customers. We are aiming at making such technologies to be put to use at a economic & mass market scale. 

Speech Technologies

The 2 key components that make up speech technologies are Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines and Text To Speech (TTS) engines. Both technologies are increasingly being adopted in customer care & customer interaction management practices.

CTI Applications

Cross platform CTI adapters, interfaces which allow diverse telecom platforms to talk to one another, there by allowing to exploit the best of breed technologies as per client requirements. CTI also allows merging data with voice, which forms the basis excellent customer interaction.

CTI Applications

Critical and popular CTI applications are like customer data popup, IVRS attach data, missed call alert applications. These applications form the core of world class customer care experience.

Cross platform interfaces for global contact center platforms like Aspect, Genesys, Avaya, Cisco to name a few, are also key deliverables at M3IoT.