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MVNO Solutions

M3IoT is also focussed on being an enabler for MVNO service providers. We are into end-to-end service provisioning for MVNOs. Our roll out not only includes the relevant technologies, but all the necessary sevices to go along with it for a smooth roll out of operations.

Categories of MVNOs

In general, there are three categories of MVNOs, namely reseller, enhanced service providers and full MVNO. Each category has a different mix of network infrastructure and operational tasks in respective areas such as branding, ownership of SIM, network infrastructure including billing and customer care.

M3IOT TELECOM, Teams are experienced in MVNO-MVNE-MVNA Consulting, we have work globally , We do our best for a Innovations, Exploring with all collaborators for making successful for a Go to Market. 

Our expertise are: 

  • Strategy Management, 
  • Business evaluation & planning, 
  • Vendor Management, 
  • Wholesale Contract, 
  • Transit & Interconnect Contract,
  • SIM Management, 
  • Business Operations, 
  • Business continuity 
  • Regulation, 
  • Roaming,
  • Delivery & Program Management, 
  • Network Operating Centre and Continuous Operations support

We enjoy supporting MVNO’s for setting up end to end deliverables, we understand complete solutions rollouts, interfaced and worked with Host MNO’s, 3rd party provider, Regulatory, Mobile Number Portability, Legal and local country’s Data Protections etc for successful MVNO’s.

We will provide our independent real business value to your needs on Setting up or recreating or any value propositions to your MVNO Business.


With the successful entries of MVNOs, the need for a special focus enabler to efficiently support the operational tasks of the MVNO especially in a market with a large number of MVNOs is becoming a necessity. As a result, this has generated a new sub-segment, or an added element in the value chain, to the MVNO industry. Known as the Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE), this entity emerges to address and fill the gap. This has created an opportunity for MVNEs to partner with the MVNOs and act as an interface between a Reseller or Enhanced Service Providers and a host MNO. Hence, through a smart partnership, a MVNE can be a good complement to the MVNO’s core business.

MVNE solution should be designed to Support Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) launch new operations, expand and capture new revenue streams, deliver a better customer experience and gain a competitive edge in the market. The MVNE Platform should be able to Host Multiple MVNOs and have a china wall of total separation on their network in a highly secured Manner, the MVNE platform should be cutting edge next –generations technology, where it has to support Triple Play, Multi currency ,Multi-Tenant, IN (Intelligent Network), convergent, Real time charging (Pre-paid, Postpaid, wholesale etc), Service Delivery Solutions, which should offer complete Flexibility , supporting any network (CDMA, GSM, UMTS, WiMax, IMS or Any network protocol Ex-SS7,SIGTRAN,IP-ISUP,Diameter,PCRF etc), interfaced to multi Payment methods and Value added services, with built in API’s to interface with any External Partners, solutions or vendors on customizable way , for quick go to market needs for the MVNO’s.

Some of the Key factors should consider for selecting the MVNE’s:

  • The solution's multi-tenant architecture enables multiple-client organizations (MVNOs) to connect to the same platform, allowing full personalization, control and security.
  • Quick and efficient new MVNO on boarding
  • Seamless integration with MNO network(s) and Carrier providers
  • Should be able to adopt and support for local country Mobile Number portability , Data retentions and Legal Law full support 
  • Business process automation 
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • Inventory management capabilities, including SIM card and number management 
  • Invoice generator and collection/debt management and Wholesale settlement capabilities 
  • Brand differentiation, marketing, market analysis and customer segmentation 
  • As per the defined standards. 
  • At times, a MVNE may also provide technical architecture and enter into wholesale agreement with a host MNO to enable mobile service provision on behalf of the MVNO.


Choosing an end-to-end solution by MVNE will enable the MVNOs to go to market more quickly while focusing on its core competencies and at the same time, minimize the capital investments for the MVNOs or MNOs or even both the operators concerned.