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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile brings new levels of possibilities for businesses creating greater opportunities to engage, interact, listen, and improve. Mobile engagement creates experiences that are in the context of users’ actions and provides instant outcomes and every user journey, scenario, and use case in business can be mobilized.

We improve workforce productivity with smart Enterprise Mobility solutions – engage customers in new mobile ways. 

Mobility services cover all aspects of enterprise and customer facing mobility. We do through analysis of your processes and business needs and provide complete mobility services including mobile strategy, application development & maintenance, and application testing. We also provide integration with ad networks, app deployment and mobile analytics.

Mobile Strategy: 

  • Evaluate existing processes in order to determine how mobility initiatives can save your enterprise time and money and increase productivity.
  • Help to map business objectives to specific use cases and plan mobility roadmap.
  • Help identify approach that best suits business needs: native, hybrid or web application.

Application development and maintenance:

  • Application development & maintenance for mobile operating systems iOS and android for both mobiles and tablets.
  • Customer centric approach to understand and define the business requirements 
  • Complete architecture review for each solution
  • Integration of mobile application with back end systems
  • Agile development
  • Security assessment, developing a mobility security strategy 
  • Providing customized solutions to ensure data protection and make security integral to complete development lifecycle.
  • User Experience and Engagement : Develop superior user experience in consumer-facing applications that leads to increased loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Application testing:

  • Mobile operating systems undergo constant updates with launch of new devices with new capabilities and form factors. To address the problem our comprehensive test coverage includes
  • Functional testing on native platforms like iOS and Android.
  • Cross platform testing
  • Nonfunctional testing for performance, stability and security.
  • Localization testing for languages and countries supported.

Mobile Ad networks and Inapp purchases:

  • Integrating with mobile advertising networks such as AdMob (Google).
  • Support in-app purchase functionality to allow customers monetize their apps.
  • Support integration with third party payment gateway integration.

Mobile Analytics:

  • Integrate the application with mobile analytical SDKs.
  • Help to understand how your users behave to take informed decisions.
  • To provide insights into your application usage.
  • Crash reporting.